Our Approach


Our business is all about building strong ongoing relationships, establishing and maintaining trust and confidence, and working with clients that we enjoy meeting and advising.

You will always receive personal service from one of our client managers who take a special interest in looking after your particular needs – and you can expect the same personalised service from all our staff members.

Money Matters

ATM Consultants - Money Matters

Making sure your affairs are structured to maximise your net worth is where we really focus.

All of our advice is aimed at helping you to enhance and protect your wealth – whether you are a small business owner, an employee, or retired.


A Complete Service

ATM Consultants - A complete service

To get the best results, it is important that all your business and wealth strategies are coordinated and that you are receiving first rate advice in all areas. We have a broad range of expertise in our office with specialists in the areas most critical to optimising your wealth. We also have a network of specialists that we can call on when needed. You might already have access to specialists in some areas and we are happy to work with your advisors and to coordinate their efforts so that you receive the maximum benefit and value for money.

Ease and Efficiency

ATM Consultants - Professional

Our services are designed so that you do not get bogged down in day to day administration. You will have access to up to date information and analysis so you can focus on important strategic decisions. You get to spend your time working on your business and doing what you enjoy. We make sure you have no hassles complying with the authorities and keep you on good terms with the tax man. Put all that together and you will have more time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you make your way to the 18th hole.



You can enjoy peace of mind when working with us – knowing that our highly trained and experienced staff are working together to meet your needs. We have fiercely protected the independence of our advice to ensure it is your interests that are being looked after. As a CPA firm we invest a significant amount of time in staff training and keeping abreast of all the latest developments and we have systems in place to ensure the quality of our work while providing value for money. We are actively involved in the accounting profession and the community through our contributions to CPA Australia and other community groups.

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