Growing to Death

Most people are not surprised when a start up business fails. But it’s not just start ups that grow to death; it’s also a common cause of business failure for mature businesses. Start-up businesses often fail because they are undercapitalised. They grow until the money runs out and then they can’t afford to fund further growth. The banks refuse to lend to them as they have no history and no … Read more

Why changing your business structure just got easier

New rules that apply from 1 July 2016 mean that small businesses can restructure their business operations without triggering adverse tax implications. Before the introduction of the new restructuring rules, if a business restructured from say, a partnership to a trust, there was a possibility that the change in structure could trigger capital gains tax (CGT). That is, the tax law would treat the restructure the same way as a … Read more

Deadline looms for SMSFs and collectibles

Does your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) own a motor vehicle, artwork, wine, coins, jewellery or other collectibles? More stringent rules for how these collectible and personal use assets are managed come into effect for all funds from 30 June 2016. While it’s important for all SMSFs to ensure that they are compliant with the rules, funds with collectibles purchased before 1 July 2011 have had a grace period to get … Read more

Ups & Downs: Managing in uncertain times

How do you create certainty in uncertain times? Much of what we do personally to grow and protect our wealth, and commercially for the businesses we manage is subject to unpredictability and change. The answer is that there are no certainties in life – sorry about that. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take charge and protect against uncertainty – you just need to know where and how to … Read more

Will your Fund provide you with enough income to sustain your retirement lifestyle?

With our Class FundWeb application (that you have access to free of charge), you can find out the estimated income returns and current value of your fund with just a few mouse clicks. You can even see how much it has changed over a longer period and the estimated return of each individual company owned. Firstly, if you don’t currently have access to FundWeb or forgotten your login details, please … Read more

How Do You Think Your Super Fund Has Performed Last Quarter?

Are you wondering how well your Super Fund performed after the volatility in the market we experienced over the last few months. With our Class FundWeb application (that you have access to free of charge), you can find out how it performed with just a few mouse clicks. You can even compare it against the all ordinaries or a number of other market indexes. Firstly, if you don’t currently have … Read more

ATM Financial Consultants

Why Financial Planning Over recent years we have recognised that many of our clients are starting to really think about retirement and how they go about getting there. They have been looking for financial planning advice and want that advice from us rather than have us refer them to someone else. As a result, ATM Financial Consultants Pty Ltd has opened for business, offering a suite of financial planning services … Read more

Business structures and restructures: Is your structure working against you?

Many business owners don’t realise that the business has outgrown its structure until something comes up – and this something is usually something negative. Are your assets at risk? Legal action by employees, customers and suppliers as well as divorce are the two primary risk issues for many business operators.  If you have been operating as a sole trade or as a partner in a partnership or have simply been … Read more

Capital gains & property: The top questions and answers

The thought of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) sharing up to 50% of any gain you make on an investment decision is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most people.  Given Australia’s love affair with property, it is little wonder that we are often asked about the impact of capital gains tax (CGT) on property.  This month, we explore the most frequently asked questions. In general, CGT applies … Read more

What now for the GST?

Fifteen years after the introduction of the GST in Australia debate still rages over what should be taxed and whether the GST rate should increase. Unless the Government changes the GST Act, any change requires the approval of the States and Territories.  The Treasurers’ workshop late last month resolved to keep the GST rate at 10% but enable a series of other changes.  We look at the key areas of … Read more